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Home Electrical Rewiring

Home Electrical Rewiring

simply shocking electric home electrical rewiring and testing electrician portland oregon city clackamas orHome electrical rewiring is a big job, and one that should only be conducted by competent, confident, and dedicated electricians that are licensed and bonded. Seeking reputable home electrical wiring service in the Portland, Beaverton, Oregon City, and Gresham, OR areas has never been easier as Simply Shocking has the expertise to conduct this challenging and meticulous work.

The certified electricians with Simply Shocking have years of experience in conducting both partial and complete home electrical wire testing and home electrical rewiring so you can be sure you are in the right hands.

Electrical Wire Testing Experts

If you have done any research on home electrical wiring, chances are you have read and heard some horror stories. Everything from invalid building permits, to half completed jobs that are way over budget; those stories are often times true. When you choose Simply Shocking for your residential home rewiring project, you will get a professional with experience in:

  • State codes for electrical wiring
  • Partial and complete home rewiring using different materials
  • Navigating city and building permits
  • Keeping the job within the designated budget
  • Meeting designated work deadlines
  • Being transparent should issues or setbacks arise
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Working collaboratively with other contractors

Home Electrical Rewiring Process

As mentioned above, home electrical rewiring is a substantial job. More often than not, walls need to be broken through and rebuilt during the process. Ceilings may need to be punctured, and floors may need to endure evasive damage as well. When it comes to demolition and reconstruction during the home rewiring process, careful planning is key. Often times the job is more expensive when trying to avoid demolition, as it is easier to rebuild walls than it is to work around them. Furthermore, once the internal wiring has been located unforeseen issues can occur making the need for an experience electrician all the more important.

You should consider home rewiring under the following circumstances:

  • Your home is over 40 years old
  • Initial Home wire installation was faulty to begin with
  • Your home does not provide enough electricity for your daily needs

simply shocking electric home rewiring remodel rewire portland oregon city clackamas or

Electrical Wire Testing and Rewiring

Simply Shocking happily provides entire, or partial home electrical rewires. We have the tools and experience to perform an entire home electrical rewire with very minimal disturbance to existing sheetrock, resulting in significant savings and easy cleanup. Simply Shocking only employs Master Electricians, so our electricians can handle any home or business rewire in the Portland, Clackamas, Oregon City and surrounding areas. We are experts in older buildings, and we enjoy conducting entire or partial rewiring services, while most electricians avoid this type of challenging electrical work.

What would cause the need for home electrical rewiring?

If your home is more than 40 years old, chances are you are in need of electrical rewiring. In homes built in the 1960’s and 1970’s, many contractors used aluminum wiring which is now considered unsafe for some applications. If you have any question concerning your wiring call us for a wiring evaluation.

Another big reason for home electrical rewiring is that homes over 40 years old were built only needing 60 amps of electricity to operate. As technology has advanced overtime, modern households now require three times the electricity of what was once needed at around 200 amps. If your home does not deliver the amount of electricity needed to sustain all of electrical appliances and devices being used, it can result in damage to sensitive electronics as well.

What is the best time to rewire?

If you are in a situation where you need rewiring done immediately, there is no better time to have the work done than the present especially, if you have unsafe electrical wiring. If that is the case, we highly encourage you to contact us immediately to prevent any fires or additional damage to your electrical system.

However, if you do have some flexibility in when you will have residential rewiring conducted, we would suggest having it done at the same time as any home remodeling. Typically, walls are torn down and replaced during remodeling which is why it is an ideal time for home rewiring. Rewiring is often significantly easier and cheaper when there is accessibility to areas behind walls.

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