A new building has a lot of moving parts, whether you’re constructing a new home, office building or even something like a garage. One of the most important pieces to focus on is the electric. New construction electrical services should only be done by professionals who know what they’re doing and hold the appropriate licenses and permits. Lucky for you, Simply Shocking Electric can handle whatever you need to put electrical services in your new construction regardless of what you’re building. 

Peace of mind

Maybe the biggest reason to bring in an electrical contractor for your new construction is to give you peace of mind. When you hire Simply Shocking, you can guarantee your electrical work is being handled by experts. You’re going to end up with a custom-designed grid that is up to code, safe, and energy-efficient.

When it comes to electric, you can’t be too safe. Even if you’re the type to do DIY projects at home, or you like watching “how to” videos on new projects, electricity isn’t the place to try that. Electricity is highly hazardous when done incorrectly, and one wrong move, even a tiny one, can be the cause of a potentially deadly electric fire later. 

An electrical contractor is specially trained to handle high-voltage electricity, making them better equipped to handle all electrical repairs or installations. Electrical engineering services also ensure that your electrical system meets required safety standards. 

Handling the details

As professionals, we know the codes, permits and specifications needed for any electrical work you’re looking for. The installation and wiring of each outlet and fixture must be done correctly according to those specifications and codes. 

A proper design layout also plays a critical role to increasing productivity while minimizing operating costs. Professional construction electrical services are essential for completing a commercial building project on time and according to design specifications.

Save while being safe

We know electric. When constructing your new building, we’ll know where to place all the wiring and outlets so everything makes sense and flows efficiently. We already have all the tools needed to bring electric to your home or building, and know what materials work best for any type of project. Electrical can be confusing, and if you try to do something yourself, it’s very easy to worsen the problem. To save a headache, and some money, it’s a great idea to reach out to a contractor to handle the work from the beginning. 

While we don’t like to think about it, accidents do happen. If one does and your hired a contractor, you won’t have to shoulder the liability, since contractors are insured. The same can’t be said if you hurt yourself attempting some DIY electrical work. Your insurance might not cover an injury while doing that sort of thing if you’re no a licensed electrician. 

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