One key aspect in making your home feel exactly how you want it is the lighting. Just the right lighting can make a room feel cozy for those snuggly nights in while watching a movie or give you the light you need for a home office or cooking dinner.

When planning out your home lighting, it’s important to work with people who can bring your ideal lighting setup to life. That’s what we do at Simply Shocking Electric. Our team of seasoned professionals can install a variety of fixtures to reflect your personal style. We will help you design and install the right fixtures to achieve the desired effect in your house.

We have experience and knowledge to install lighting in common rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways and even places like entertainment centers and under your cabinets. Beyond that, we can put in more specialized lighting, such as recess lighting, track lights, flush mount ceiling fixtures, and hanging pendant light fixtures.

If you’re looking to make some changes, we also offer lighting upgrades throughout your home. We can upgrade your current lighting to give your home that new look, as well as give any space in your home a completely new feel. We can also help decrease energy costs just through some lighting upgrades.


Benefits of LED lighting


LEDs have become the first choice for residential lighting for both how they work and what they can do in terms of saving you on your energy bill. For instance, LED bulbs tend to do a better job of mimicking natural light than other bulbs, which can make your home feel more inviting and easier on the eyes.

LEDs are also energy efficient. They produce no heat, which is a testament to their incredible efficiency as a light source. They also last longer than traditional bulbs, lowering your lighting costs in the long run.

One other great thing about using LEDs in your home is the flexibility they bring with them. They come in a variety of color temperatures and lumen outputs, so you can customize the lighting to suit in whatever part of your home we’re installing these new lights.

A popular type of lighting employs strips of LED lights that can be placed in recessed shelves, behind televisions, and along the ground. Strip LEDs can provide both safety and aesthetic benefits, and the higher-end versions of these LED strips can often change color on command. Whatever “look” you’re going for, LED lights can make it happen, and, in turn, we at Simply Shocking can make happen.


Benefits of properly lighting a home


There is a lot that goes into picking the proper light for a given part of your home. Some of the factors to think about are the desired use of the space, the number of windows and what direction they face, the colors used in the room, accessory lighting to be used, and what the owner is looking for. There is nothing to say that any kind of indoor lighting is wrong as long as the owner understands the options to make the best judgment. We can go over all your options with you.

A bathroom is an area that may need two types of indoor lighting; low lighting may be preferable much of the time, but when someone is applying makeup, shaving, or other tasks, stronger light is necessary.

A kitchen often has a large fluorescent ceiling light to illuminate the entire area, but some cooks prefer low light instead. A compromise of sorts is often the best way to light the kitchen. This might be accomplished by the use of indirect lighting around the ceiling perimeter and under-counter lighting in the areas where food preparation and cooking take place. Again, we can take a look at your home and go over what options are best for what you’re looking for and what makes the most sense for your individual home.

Even if you’re okay with your main lighting throughout the home, we can come out and add some touches to all different parts of your home. Torch lighting is a popular alternative in rooms that have no central area that needs highlighting. We can also install dimmers to control the overall room illumination or even just sections of a room. This can help create an entirely new feel for any part of your home.

Museums use indirect lighting, such as spotlights and floodlights, to help show the art in the best light possible. We can use similar methods of lighting in a home if you have portraits, plaques, or other things on the wall you want to stand out, but still, look great. When you have professionals come out to install all this, you can make sure all your rooms have the lighting best suited to each of them individually while not taking away from the entirety of your home.

Here at Simply Shocking Electric, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Our teams of master electricians are technically proficient and take pride in the quality of work they provide. Please contact us today with any questions, comments, concerns or to receive your free estimate over the phone at 503-309-0866 or email us at  We look forward to serving you.