Its pretty clear what the lighting inside your home is for. It makes it possible to see indoors so you can maneuver around and do things like read or cook or just see what everyone else in the house is up to. It might not always be as obvious what outdoor lighting can bring to your home, but there are tons of benefits. 

And when it comes to outdoor lighting, we at Simply Shocking Electric are the experts to turn to for planning and installing of all your outdoor lighting needs. 

Benefits of outdoor lighting

Maybe the easiest benefit of outdoor lighting is it enhances the appearance of your outdoor area. We can plan it and install it in a way to highlight the natural beauty surrounding your home, your outdoor living space, or other amenities, such as a pool. 

Easily the most important benefit outdoor lighting can bring to your home is the increased safety it will bring. This can be as simple as making it easier to see while walking outside, decreasing the likelihood of bumping into something or tripping on a walkway. Certain outdoor lighting can also be triggered when someone enters a part of your property, which will help protect against intruders. 

Outdoor lighting can also add to your homes curb appeal, which could in turn add to its value. Elegant lighting up the driveway or a walkway just makes a home look magical when installed properly. We can bring that to your home. 

Installing some outdoor lighting can also extend the use of your homes outdoor living areas. It has been a trend in more recent years to remodel homes to outfit them with bigger decks, outdoor spas, and outdoor kitchens. Being able to see while enjoying those amenities means youll get even more use out of them. 

Types of outdoor lighting

Now that weve covered why its a great idea to have some outdoor lighting installed, its time to figure out just what kind of lighting is right for your home. There are a ton of different kinds of lighting options for the exterior of your home. 

Heres a look at some of the most common options:

  • Spotlights: We tend to think of spotlights in terms of stages, but they can be used outside of your home to point light in one direction and illuminate walkways, statues, plants, or patios. 
  • Garden lights: These are a great way to show off your favorite plants and flowers in your yard, as they stick in the ground near a plant or flower and shine down and out. 
  • Floodlights: These are some of the commonly used outdoor lights, as they illuminate large areas, such as driveways and patios. 
  • Deck and step lights: Used as an accent to architectural details and add a safe passage to dark stairs, deck and step lights are installed directly into a yards hardscape or decking.
  • Pond lights: If you have a pool or water feature, these can be submerged in the water to make it look even more impressive. 
  • String lights: When its a warm summer night and you want to have some friends over for a fun night, having some string lights hanging over everyone is a great way to subtly light your yard in a fun, picturesque manner. 

No matter what youre looking to do outside of your home, its a great idea to bring in a professional electrician. You never want to even attempt to handle something like installing electrical on your own. You might luck into turning on a light, but the potential hazards, such as starting a fire, are far greater. 

That risk is even greater when looking at outdoor lighting, as youre attempting to bring electrical from inside to outside. You need to ensure all the wiring and electrical components are done properly, as well as protected against rain, snow, wind, and whatever other conditions come with the outdoors. Not only that, but when it comes to electrical, youll also want someone who knows the local codes, when you need a permit for a project and when its a good idea to have your homes electricity upgraded.

Here at Simply Shocking Electric, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Our teams of master electricians are technically proficient and take pride in the quality of work they provide. Please contact us today with any questions, comments, concerns or to receive your free estimate over the phone at 503-309-0866 or email us at  We look forward to serving you.