When it comes to a home addition or renovation, there is a lot of thin about it, and most of it is a lot of fun. You can literally plan out every aspect of your new home or new room from big-picture things like the shape and dimension of the space all the way down to the doorknobs. 

What you might not think too much about when it comes to a new space in your home is the electrical, and thats one of the most important aspects of any room, especially in terms of safety. You dont want to try and put in the electrical on your own if youre not a trained professional. 

You want to make sure you have enough electrical juice to this part of your home, and make sure its set up safely. Simply Shocking is here to help with a carefully selected staff that together ensures your house is wired correctly, making sure internet and heat are making it to the new addition to your home.


Why hire an electrician for your home addition or remodel


As mentioned, nobody is going to know more about the electrical needs for a home addition or renovation than an electrician. The experts at Simply Shocking have seen it all, planned it all, and put it all into place. 

You dont want to go through all that planning and building to remodel a room or add to your home only to find out once youre living in it that there arent enough outlets in the room. With how many different screens and amenities we have in our homes now, you want to properly plan to make sure everything you need and want to use in that space will be easily used and accessible. You dont want to power strip hooked into every outlet because you didnt know how to plan properly for the addition or renovation. 

If youre remodeling a part of your home, and its an older home, well also know all the safety upgrades that are available and commonly used now. Older homes dont typically have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, GFCIs, which are outlets designed to instantaneously turn the electricity off if the plugged-in item comes in contact with water or other types of moisture. 

Speaking of older homes, when you hire an electrician, theyll also know if the addition or remodel also means you should have the power updated to your home. Some older panels dont have room for more circuits, or cant handle the increased power. Again, thats not something worth risking by trying to do it yourself. 

Another benefit of bringing in a professional electrician is well know all the local codes your project needs to meet. Well also know if what is needed will require a permit to have the work done. 


Renovations with more and less electrical work


Every project is unique in itself, but when youve got the experience and knowledge of the electricians at Simply Safe, you have an idea of which projects will require more work when it comes to electricity. 

Small- or medium-sized renovation jobs typically mean moving outlets, creating more outlets or replacing outlets with updated versions. If you are replacing tile and fixtures in a bathroom, you may also need to replace ungrounded non-GFCI outlets instead of just installing the GFCI outlet covers. That is a big safety risk. 

Larger renovations require adding new circuits to your panel, which, as mentioned, is not a DIY job by any means. Some of those larger renovation projects that will lead to the addition of circuits to your electrical panel are: changing a rooms purpose, such as finishing a basement; adding substantial lights to a room that didnt have them; modernizing the appliances in an older room and; expanding a room.

The biggest projects will lead to upgrading the electrical panel. An addition to your home will most likely require upgrading the electrical panel, as that means more power flowing from the panel itself. If your panel doesnt have any additional room for new circuits, youll also need to upgrade the panel, most likely. 

Now, not every remodel or home project will require electrical work, of course. If youre replacing windows or cabinets, those typically can be done without worry about an electrical component. There are smart windows that do have an electrical connection, but generally, thats not the case. 

Here at Simply Shocking Electric, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Our teams of master electricians are technically proficient and take pride in the quality of work they provide. Please contact us today with any questions, comments, concerns or to receive your free estimate over the phone at 503-309-0866 or email us at simplyshockingllc@gmail.com.  We look forward to serving you.