You just bought a hot tub, and you might think its as easy as filling it and plugging it in until youve got a bubbling, relaxing spa all of your own. As with most things, its not that simple, unfortunately. 

However, dont let your dream of that hot tub fade away. There are plenty of experts who know how to set up your hot tub to make sure its done safely and quickly, such as the professionals at Simply Shocking Electric. We have all the experience needed to hook up any hot tub in any part of your home. 


Why hire an electrician to hook up your hot tub?


There is nothing as being too safe, especially when it comes to electricity and even more so when it comes to hooking up a major appliance that deals with water. Were licensed electricians who know how to properly install your hot tub. That means you can actually enjoy it with friends knowing the wiring was done by someone who knows the best safety practices for such projects. 

We also know all the up-to-date electrical codes. We can ensure that well install your new hot tub so it not only works great, but it can pass any electrical inspection. 

Most people put hot tubs outside of their homes, which can add some difficulty to the installation process. First off, your property might not have enough or conveniently-located outdoor outlets. Or the circuit you plan to route to your hot tub might not be able to handle the increased power demand. We can install new outlets or circuits and get everything sorted out properly so you dont end up regularly tripping the breaker each time you turn the hot tub on. 

Another great thing about having work done professionally is you wont have to have it redone. When you do things yourself that you arent familiar with, you run the risk of having to have a professional come out to undo your work and fix the problem. 

Well also do it quicker than you could of, especially when you factor in time for watching videos on installing hot tubs. What sounds more fun: watching DIY videos on hot tub installation or soaking in an actual hot tub? Its a pretty easy decision. 


Upgrades to your current hot tub


At Simply Shocking, we arent just knowledgeable in installing new hot tubs. We can come out to upgrade, fix or update an existing hot tub. 

If youre having a problem with your existing electrical connection for your hot tub, we can fix it. If you moved into a new home with a hot tub already there, we can check if the tubs wiring is up to code and ready for use. We can also add extra amenities to your hot tub once its up and working. 

We can take your hot tub from a nice relaxing part of your home to the gem of your yard. We have experience adding mood lighting and water features to all different kinds of hot tubs. We can also install speaker wiring so you can keep the party going in your hot tub without waking up the neighbors. 

Simply Shocking offers free estimates on our services.  To schedule a free estimate, please call us today at 503-309-0866 or email us at  We look forward to serving you.