There are tons of reasons why any electrical projects is best left to the professionals. Electrical work is typically subject to inspection, so if you dont know exactly what youre doing, that could mean trouble later. It can also mean a potential fire hazard. 

There is perhaps no part of your home or business electrical system other than the breaker box, which can also be known as an electrical panel, load center, service panel, fuse box, power breaker, circuit breaker, or breaker panel. 

The reason the breaker box is so important is that it is the main switchboard of your home, controlling the entire distribution of electricity throughout the house. You can turn off power entirely in your home from the panel box, so you really dont want to just hop in there and tinker around if youre not familiar with whats going on. 

Why its best to leave all breaker box work to the professionals

If youre like most people, the extent of your relationship with a fuse box is opening it up and flicking a few switches to see if the power went off in part of your house because of a tripped fuse switch. When it comes to repairing the box or completely replacing it, quite a bit more goes into that. 

First off, youre going to have to deal with hot wires. If that sounds risky to you, stop considering the project and call the experts at Simply Shocking Electric. Weve repaired and replaced countless electrical panels and know what were doing. 

Beyond that, if you do the work incorrectly, you could end up damaging appliances in your home. Certain appliances are fine if the breaker turns off and on again, but others will get cranky with regular interruptions to their power. 

As with many do-it-yourself projects, if you dont completely nail it, youll probably end up spending more money to fix your mistake than you wouldve if you hired Simply Shocking from the start. 

When is it time to upgrade or replace your breaker box?

Electrical panels should be replaced every 20-30 years. However, its important to think back to how different your home was even just 20 to 30 years ago. Think about how many more devices you have at home now, how many more items need to be plugged into work or regularly just to charge. Think about how many devices you have running simultaneously while home. 

Weve upgraded our homes from a technological standpoint a massive amount in those last 20 to 30 years. Its important to make sure your home is equipped to handle all of that. 

There are tons of signs that it might be time to look at a breaker box upgrade or replacement. One sure sign something is off is if your breakers trip often, or if you have to do that old appliance dance where you have to unplug one appliance so you can plug in and use another. 

Other things to keep an eye out for are if your breaker box looks like a mess of loose wires, if the breaker box has been damaged or if it has been exposed to damp or compromised conditions over an extended period of time. If your breaker box also smells like something is burning, its time to call Simply Shocking. 

 Pricing on breaker box repair and replacement depends on several factors. Once we conduct an inspection and evaluation of your current breaker box, together we can come to a decision about the proper services required for your specific needs whether that be repair, replacement, or upgrade services.

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